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Technical Recruitment for Government

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The Need for Tech Talent in Government

As constituents increasingly demand “always-on” digital services, municipalities throughout North America are developing IT strategies to meet these expectations. However, finding the top technical talent needed to execute these strategies can be a challenge. With competition from other sectors for a limited pool of technical resources, municipalities need a solution that can provide them with access to qualified talent.

Bronson Technical Search (BTS) offers a solution for municipal and regional governments across the US and Canada by providing access to a pool of pre-qualified technical talent, including both temporary contractors and full-time employees.

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How We Help

At Bronson Technical Search, we specialize in connecting governments with top technology experts who can help drive digital innovation. Our technical talent network includes professionals with expertise in key areas such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to personalize customer experiences and optimize product recommendations;
  • Data analytics to analyze customer behavior and preferences, as well as supply chain optimization;
  • Blockchain technology to create a transparent and secure supply chain, from raw materials to finished products;
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance in-store experiences and enable immersive product visualization.

With Bronson Technical Search, you can access our extensive talent network and government-focused hiring methodology to find the best technology leaders for your program.

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Why Bronson?

Backed by data-driven insights, modern tools, and a deep network of relationships within the US and Canada’s technical talent pool, we adapt each search to your specific needs to recruit top IT and business talent.

Data and Cybersecurity Specialization

Bronson Technical Search specializes in recruitment and staffing for data analytics and cybersecurity roles.

Extensive Tech Talent Network

Over thirty years, Bronson Consulting has built a deep web of relationships with the US and Canada’s senior technical talent pool.

Scientific Methodology

Our proven process includes rigorous psychometric assessments, skills validation, and experience checks to confirm candidate profile and cultural fit.

Targeted Search

For every search, we create ideal candidate profiles based on your unique needs. We blend AI with the BTS Talent Network to source qualified candidates, quickly.

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Win the Race for tech talent

Bronson Technical Search follows a proven process for sourcing top technical candidates, quickly.

Our team will work closely with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and updated throughout the recruitment process.

We source North America’s top data analytics and cybersecurity talent to help enterprise organizations innovate and mitigate cyber-risk in an evolving digital landscape.

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We work with your team to build a strong understanding of your ideal candidate and identify the mandatory search criteria each candidate must meet.

Your Bronson Client Manager will present a sampling of strong candidate profiles based on the needs assessment and collect your feedback on each one.

Bronson Technical Search will present qualified candidates that we have engaged in the recruitment process.

The long list of candidates will be narrowed down by Bronson Technical Search via assessments and video interviews.

We follow interview best practices, tailor questions to your specific needs, and use scorecards to compare candidates.

The final round of interviews and psychometric assessments before any offers are made. We follow best practices on closing passive candidates.

Your Bronson Technical Search Client Manager will help with understanding compensation requirements, job offer best practices, and facilitate negotiations.

The successful candidate has accepted their offer of employment.

Cybersecurity Partners

Skills and Technology Partners

Bronson Technical Search and Bronson Consulting Group have supported large-scale digital transformation projects for enterprises across North America for over thirty years. Our team has experience working within hundreds of enterprise technology environments composed of various technologies.

Fill Your Technical Vacancy, Quickly

Using AI and detailed candidate profiles, we comb through the BTS Technical Talent Network to identify ideal candidates to fill gaps in your organization, quickly.

We source senior technology talent across various roles and key domains, including:


AI and Machine Learning

Cybersecurity Officers

Cloud Computing

Kick-start Your Search

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

All staffing and recruitment services provided by Bronson Technical Search are backed by a satisfaction guarantee and an industry-leading warranty period.

We will help you make the right hiring decision, every time.

Build Your Dream Team




Established in 1991, Bronson Consulting Group have proven to be trusted advisors for over 30 years with exemplary strategy and program delivery skills. Our expertise, whether it be related to project management, policy development, or data mining and forecasting, will be an asset to Bronson Technical Search supporting your organization in finding top business and IT talent.

Bronson Technical Search matches your organization with consultants who can respond and adapt to the needs of your team or a specific project. With the ability to secure skilled professionals for your organization through unique support with candidate searching processes. We adapt each search to your specific needs to recruit top IT and business talent.

Through our AI driven applicant tracking system (ATS) we can efficiently find the correct candidate to match the required role.

Bronson has a thirty-year heritage of supporting digital transformation in leading organizations across the United States and Canada.

We work closely with our partners to connect them with the most highly sought after cybersecurity and data analytics talent the nation has to offer.

Colin Kieran
Managing Partner, Bronson Technical Search

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