Learn how Bronson Technical Search helped a major consulting firm find six qualified candidates in five days and hire a new Chief Information Officer in under a month.

Bronson Technical Search recently helped a consulting firm fill a critical vacancy, CIO.

What’s more, the hire needed to hold specific industry certifications, deep government technology experience, and someone who perfectly aligned with their company culture. Time was also of the essence.

In the first five days, the client received six qualified candidates for the role.

Within 28 days, the preferred candidate had accepted her offer and the vacancy was closed.

Here’s how we did it.

The Challenge

A prestigious consulting firm, known for its work with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), faced a ticking clock. Stringent new cybersecurity regulations (CMMC) threatened their contracts. They needed a CIO with deep industry knowledge, relevant certifications, and a perfect cultural fit – all within weeks, not months.

The firm required a new experienced CIO; someone with the right credentials, a deep understanding of the new regulations, and a perfect cultural fit for their team. The clock was ticking, and they needed to make the hire in a matter of weeks, not months.

The Urgent Call for Help

The consulting firm reached out to Colin Kieran, Managing Partner of Bronson Technical Search, renowned for his personalized, white-glove approach to technical recruitment.

Bronson Technical Search is distinct from other recruiting and staffing firms in their unique specialization in technical recruitment, with a focus on executive technical, cybersecurity and data analytics roles, and leadership roles

Colin knew that this wasn’t just another placement; it was about finding the right tech leader to guide the firm’s future.

Kickoff and Needs Assessment

From the very first meeting, Colin and his team immersed themselves in understanding the consulting firm’s needs. They conducted a thorough needs assessment to build a detailed profile of the ideal candidate. This step was crucial to identify the mandatory technology executive search criteria each candidate had to meet, particularly expertise with the new CMMC and NIST requirements.

Candidate Submission and Interviews

Within five business days of the kickoff, Bronson Technical Search had shortlisted six qualified candidates. These candidates were passive, meaning they were not actively looking for new roles but were sourced through Bronson’s extensive Technical Talent Network and advanced AI-screening processes.

Colin and his team conducted initial assessments and video interviews, following best practices tailored to the firm’s specific needs. Using scorecards to compare candidates, they narrowed the list down to three top contenders.

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Follow-up Interviews and Assessments

The three top candidates advanced to the consulting firm’s internal interview stage. Bronson facilitated follow-up interviews and provided a feedback loop from the personnel back to the client. This focus went beyond technical expertise and regulatory knowledge; it ensured a cultural fit – a critical element for long-term success.

The Perfect Match

Among the final candidates, one stood out— a highly accomplished tech professional with a distinguished NASA background.  Her in-depth understanding of cybersecurity regulations, particularly CMMC and NIST, was a perfect match for the consulting firm’s needs.  But it wasn’t just technical expertise; her ability to seamlessly integrate with the team’s culture solidified her as the ideal candidate.  Colin, leveraging his experience, provided expert guidance on compensation and offer best practices, ensuring a smooth and efficient closing of the crucial CIO position.

The Final Countdown

From the initial call for help to welcoming their new CIO, the entire process spanned a remarkable 28 days. This was not just a quick turnaround; it was a masterclass in efficient, high-stakes recruitment. Bronson Technical Search had turned a difficult challenge into a resounding success.

The Outcome

The consulting firm hired the ideal CIO. The candidate’s NASA experience and familiarity with the new CMMC regulations were crucial. But just as important was her ability to fit seamlessly into the existing team culture, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate ability to implement the new DoD framework, safeguarding the firm’s future success.

Man and woman sitting at a table for a job interview to hire a CTO

Client Testimonial

Their impressive expertise in sourcing top-tier candidates for our VP of Technology role stood out. They meticulously understood our company culture, delved into the intricacies of the position, and identified the exact skills we were looking for.

They are an excellent choice for any organization seeking high-caliber technical talent. I highly recommend their services to anyone in search of exceptional recruitment solutions.

Chief Operations Officer, Client Consulting Firm

In just 28 days, Bronson Technical Search helped the consulting firm secure a critical hire, ensuring compliance and continuity in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

By Colin Kieran, Managing Partner, Bronson Technical Search

With an MSc in Business Management and a recent MSc in Digital Innovation, Colin is a thought leader and a lifelong learner who is passionate about technology and business growth. He leverages his analytical skills, social networking, and presentation abilities to deliver results and develop people.

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